About Dr. Cirbus


I hold a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and am a licensed clinician in both New York and New Jersey. I’ve worked as a professional counselor for over 15 years across three states and numerous demographics in both public agencies and in private practice. I have extensive experience treating symptoms of depression and anxiety, working with self-esteem challenges, parenting and relationship issues, and lifestyle and career changes.

My clinical approach combines psychodynamic, humanistic, and cognitive-behavioral methodologies while utilizing motivational interviewing to gather information. I am a seasoned, clinically trained psychologist, yet my primary focus and my strength is finding connection. After years of working with people of various backgrounds, ages, values, and cultures, I have found that human connection transcends any specific ideology or methodology. We want to feel heard, understood, and valued. We want someone to witness our pain, come along on our journey and help us move on. I enjoy making that connection and joining together to uncover strengths and empower change.

In 2010 I founded ARC Counseling Services, LMHC where I continue to offer psychotherapy to individuals and couples, while also providing supervision, mentoring, and coaching services to emerging clinicians.

In addition to being a psychologist, I am a wife, and mom to two amazing kids. We’ve recently moved out of NYC to upstate NY so we can play in the grass any time we want.